5 Champions Who Will Dominate Worlds 2022

5 Champions Who Will Dominate Worlds 2022

5 Champions Who Will Dominate Worlds 2022

With Worlds 2022 just around the corner, we at Mobalytics are super excited to see the world come together and battle it out at the highest level of League of Legends. You may have noticed lately that we’ve been creating lots of content regarding pro play, and it’s been very fun looking at historical pro play.

In our continued series of Esports guides, we will today discuss five champions that we expect to see pick or ban status at Worlds 2022. These champions will either get picked by one team, or banned by the other, and whenever they make it through champion select, they will dominate the enemy and take over the game.

If you like any of the champions on our list, make sure you check out their champion pages on the Mobalytics site, where you can find builds, tips and much more to help you play each of the champions on today’s list.

5 Champions Who Will Dominate Worlds 2022

  1. Ornn
  2. Gwen
  3. Wukong
  4. Renata
  5. Viego


The first champion on our list is Ornn. Ornn has and will see a lot of play on the Worlds Stage this year. Ornn is a dominant champion who has seen play in pro play ever since his release.

Ornn synergises well with a ton of different champions. He fits into basically any team comp, and his build is highly adapative. Ornn is a great tank champion who will soak tons of damage for his team, regardless of the enemies team comp.

He is amazing in team fights thanks to the amount of CC his kit includes. His Ultimate is also very good in team fights. He can use it to knockup the whole enemy team if they’re grouped around an objective or in the river.


The second champion on our list is Gwen. Gwen is a very dominant champion in both solo queue and pro play. She has been one of the most popular picks since her release, and I don’t recall a time when she hasn’t been good in pro play.

Gwen can dominate the enemy Top laner in lane thanks to her skirmish-heavy play style and excellent early game damage. Outside the laning phase, she is a good split pusher who can apply pressure to side lanes and be a nuisance for the enemy.

Her pick potential is actually quite good too. Her Ultimate deals damage and slows the enemy, which can help her team pick enemies off and start a fight. If she can get on and pick off the enemy carry, her team will easily win the fight.


Wukong has been a dominant champion throughout the Season. He has seen play in several lanes, including the Top, Mid and Jungle roles. After his slight rework, he has been, what feels like – pick or ban in League of Legends.

Wukong has a lot of early game damage and can gank pretty much from the get go. As these types of Junglers are strong, he should dominate pro play and snowball his team. Outside of that, Wukong has many tools to set up ganks and fights. His Ultimate can be used twice to knock up enemies and CC targets.

Something that may be forgotten about Wukong is that his build is versatile. Regardless of how ahead or behind he is, he can adapt his build to his team’s needs to be a monster. If he gets fed, he will deal a lot of damage and be super tanky.


Renata has been a powerful champion ever since her release. Her kit is amazing in pro play, and she has so many tools to help her team and keep them alive.

Her Ultimate is a fantastic team fighting tool that can CC and deal lots of damage to the enemy team. As teams usually group in Pro play, she will be able to CC the whole enemy team at once. Each champion will damage another enemy, resulting in free kills for her team.

She is a very reliable champion and very good from behind. She just needs to empower her allies and keep them alive; they will do the hard work for her.


The final champion on our list is Viego. Veigo is a new champion but has been dominating pro and solo queue since he was introduced. Veigo will most likely be played in the Jungle role, and it is doubtful we will see him in any other role.

Champions that can gank early and skirmish are very good in pro play. Viego can start ganking early after his double buff clear. Early ganks are essential, so he is a good pick in this regard.

One thing that is good in pro play is that there are a lot of skirmishes and fights in pro play, which means he can take over the body of the enemy champion, allowing for a lot of good playmaking and outplay potential.


And that about sums up our guide on the 5 champions that we think will be dominating Worlds 2022. What do you think of our list? Do you feel there will be stronger champions we see this year, or do you think we’re right. Let us know! As always, you can learn how to master all of the champions in today’s guide by signing up for your free Mobalytics account!