How to Play the Wombo Combo Team Composition

How to Play the Wombo Combo Team Composition

How to Play the Wombo Combo Team Composition

A wombo combo team composition is one of the key compositions that have wreaked havoc on Summoners Rift for years. It is a team composition that allows for a plethora of different champions to be played within. Do you like playing a champion with a large AOE or CC tool that can lock down multiple champions? Then the wombo combo team comp might be for you!

In this brand new series of guides by Mobalytics, we will break down each major team composition in League of Legends. We will list tips and tricks, example champions and how to play as each team composition.

If you like any of the champions on our list, make sure you check out their champion pages on the Mobalytics site, where you can find builds, tips and much more to help you play each of the champions on today’s list.

How to Play the Wombo Combo Team Composition

  1. The Objective of the Comp
  2. Example Champions
  3. Tips and Tricks
  4. How to Counter

The Objective of the Comp

The objective of this team composition is to group as five and use all of your abilities within a short period of time. Due to the nature of a wombo combo team composition, you need to layer your CC to keep the enemy locked down for a long time.

Ideally, you wish to fight in areas of the map that force the enemy to group closer together. They are great at fighting around objectives and inside the jungle, as teams are usually grouped closely together in these areas.

Example Champions

Top lane


  • He has an AOE Ultimate that he can use to knock up multiple enemy team members.
  • Getting a 5 person Ultimate can enable your team to follow up and dish out damage or use their CC tools.
  • Malphite’s Ultimate is long range so he can use it from afar to get picks.


  • Ornn’s Ultimate has long range so he can use it from afar and out of the fog of war to catch people out.
  • He can knock up the whole enemy team if they’re grouped together.
  • It’s on a short cooldown which can allow him to get picks with his team.



  • His Ultimate is an AOE ability that can knockup the whole enemy team twice.
  • His W allows him to reposition or engage on the enemy via the fog of war to surprise the enemy.
  • Wukong can dish out a lot of damage and kill squishy champions if he is fed.


  • Amumu’s tanky, so he can soak up a lot of enemy damage for his team.
  • His Ultimate can CC everyone on the enemy team and keep them locked down for a long period of time.
  • If Amumu has AP items, not only will his Ultimate lock them down, but it will also deal a considerable amount of damage to the enemy team too.

Mid lane


  • Orianna’s W can be used to speed up her allies to enable them to engage.
  • Her Ultimate can be used to CC multiple champions at once. It also deals a considerable amount of damage.
  • Orianna’s E can be attached to her allies which can protect them but also be used to set her Ultimate up.


  • He has lots of damage with his Ultimate.
  • Vel’Koz also has an ability that can knockup enemies. If he uses this on an already CC’d enemy, he can extend the duration.
  • He has good poke prior to a fight which makes killing enemies a lot easier.



  • Her W and Q can deal damage to multiple targets at once in a fight.
  • Sivir’s Ultimate can allow her team to chase the enemy and take them down.
  • In the mid and late game, her damage output will be incredibly high.

Miss Fortune

  • Her E is a slow that can catch enemies out who are too far forward. It can also be used to kite and escape the enemy.
  • Miss Fortune’s Ultimate deals tons of damage in a cone.
  • If she can use her Ultimate while the enemy team is locked down, she will wreak havoc in a fight.



  • Rakan has 2 AOE tools in his kit: his Ultimate and his W.
  • He can use his E on an ally to close the gap and get closer to the enemy team.
  • Rakan can go in, CC or knockup multiple enemies and then escape with his W.


  • Alistar’s Q is an AOE ability that can be used to knockup members of the enemy team.
  • While his W can only allow him to target 1 enemy, it can enable him to knockup multiple targets with the follow-up Q.
  • Alistar is quite tanky and can be even tankier with his Ultimate active. He can soak up damage and use his Q twice in a team fight as it is on a lowish cooldown.

Tips and Tricks

We’ve gone through some champions, and now it’s time to give you some tips and tricks on how to play as the comp.

  • Try and fight in tight areas of the map. Fighting here is great as teams will be grouped closer together. Fighting in the jungle is a good enclosed part of the map.
  • Avoid delaying team fights. This comp relies heavily on going in fast. If you delay a fight, then you will get poked down and potentially be unable to go in.
  • Look where your allies are before going in. While going in quickly is important, don’t go in alone. Make sure your team are nearby and able to follow up.

Check out this video by Broxah which breaks down how you may wish to team fight as Wukong.

How to Counter The Wombo Combo Team Comp

You can counter a wombo combo team composition in a few different ways. The first is to avoid grouping too closely together. It is better to be split slightly apart so the enemy cannot combo you all at once. The second thing you can do is to avoid fighting inside the jungle or around objectives. Teams tend to be grouped inside these parts of the map, so being apart from one another is very beneficial.


And that about sums up our guide for the wombo combo team. Let us know your thoughts on what you’d like to see next! If you wish to find more useful tips and more help regarding team comps in LoL, make sure you check out our in-depth team comp guide!

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