Dev Blog: Why We’re Temporarily Depreciating our Tobii Integration

Dev Blog: Why We’re Temporarily Depreciating our Tobii Integration

Dev Blog: Why We’re Temporarily Depreciating our Tobii Integration

Hi everyone, hope you’re doing well (and safe considering the times we’re in).

At Mobalytics, although we aren’t a team that creates games, we still strive to learn from and emulate the dev teams and companies in the industry that we admire most (afterall, we’re gamers ourselves of course!).

One of the core values that we respect most from these teams we look up to is transparency – so although the Dev Blog usually gives you a behind the scenes look at new features that are being released, we also use it as a channel of communication to maintain transparency around decisions we make.

Throughout 2021, one of our main goals was to improve the overall stability of our in-game features and overlays, such as the League of Legends companion. We wanted to emphasize this so you could count on having the features you need most when you need them most.

Before 2021, the Desktop App could vary in performance depending on the amount of traffic we were getting or other various factors. Now, we’re proud to say that outside of a few rare cases, your Live Companion should perform incredibly reliably when using its latest version.

In addition to making the Desktop App more stable, we launched:

  • New and Improved GPI
  • Minimap Jungler Timers
  • Challenges
  • Post Game Highlights

Unfortunately, while making these additions and improvements to our platform, the Tobii Eye Tracking integration became incompatible with the new infrastructure of the app. Truthfully, this is something that we did not foresee happening and we’ve learned many lessons that will help prevent cases like this in the future.

Although we tried a few potential solutions, we wanted to reach one that maintained the new standards of our app. So for now, while we work out this solution, we will be depreciating the functions related to Tobii Eye Tracking integrations, mainly within the GPI and Live Companion.

If you’re upset about this, you aren’t alone. We know that the eye-tracking features were really ****ing cool and unique. No one wants it to come back more than our team.
As you can imagine, using an eye tracker (which is a very new technology) to track our GPI performance algorithms is complex. We want you to know that we currently don’t have an ETA for fixing this as it’s difficult for us to truthfully give accurate estimates based on technical reasons. As soon as we can give you an ETA you can depend on, we will.

Lastly, if you purchased a Tobii Eye Tracker to specifically use with Mobalytics, please check out their Terms of Sales and send an email to Tobii’s support team to see if you’re eligible for a refund.

We really do appreciate your understanding and support. See you on the Rift.